The Chalone Viticultural Area

July 2018 wine special and vineyard update

Summer Wine Special $89

3 Michaud Vineyard wines, plus free shipping in CA (discounted out-of-state)
You will intrigue and entertain your next dinner or BBQ guests with a mini vertical of Syrah, or a pair of stunning Pinot Noirs and a white wine charmer from vines hailing from Hermitage.


2013, 2014 and 2015 Syrah
2013 and 2015 Pinot Noir, and 2015 Marsanne

Hello Michaud Vineyard fans a wine update is overdue! The vines are doing well notwithstanding a much drier rain season than last year with less than 7 “ : the weather during bloom and set while a bit erratic none the less managed to set an abundant crop. It was necessary to remove clusters (cluster thinning) in almost all blocks. This balances the crop load and ensures optimum ripening. Too bad the extra can’t be saved for a year with poor set!
In the winery we are getting ready to bottle the 2016 vintage reds and 2017 white wines. In the cellar the 2013 and 2015 Pinot noirs are drinking very nicely and the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Syrah are an enticing trio. The 2014 Pinot noir should be laid down for another 6 months to continue its development.
The Chalone Viticultural Area in which Michaud Vineyard is located has exceedingly unique characteristics. Iconic minerality, complex aromas and flavors bringing old world wines to mind and the ability (and necessity) of bottle aging to bring further complexity and suppleness to the wine experience.

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April 2018 Newsletter

April 2018 newsletter

Vineyard Tasting Room is Now Open!

Fall 2017 Special – Stock up, while giving back!

Fall 2017 News from the vineyard

As this Newsletter was being prepared numerous fires sprung up in Napa, Sonoma and Mendecino counties threatening much of the Northern California Wine Country. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected or threatened by these fires and our gratitude to those responding to these emergencies.

Michaud Vineyard will donate part of our sales for the remainder of October to charities benefitting those affected by these fires.


Fall shipment:


We wanted to let you know that your fall shipment will be going out next week! An adult over 21 must sign for it. Some find it easier to have their wine club shipments sent to their work. If this would work better for you, please let Belinda know right away,


Tasting Room open by appointment-COME VISIT! and help needed:


We are currently looking to hire staff for the new tasting room at the vineyard. We plan to be open Fridays – Sundays. Please contact Belinda

for more details.


Harvest update:


Harvest was earlier this year due to a mild winter and earlier spring. We received 16” of rain and the warmest growing season on record. The timing of the heat was perfect, however and the vines produced a delicious crop. The quality of the fruit and flavor are excellent and even better than 2016 (which was great too)!


We are using a new organic fertilizer spray on the vine leaves. And although the vineyard is not certified organic, it is sustainable by only using as much resources as needed. We hand hoe vs. using herbicides.

The vineyard has a cover crop that is mowed to prevent erosion which allows soil to accumulate organic material needed to thrive. This also

provides a habitat for beneficial insects that eat things like the grape leaf hopper.


Approximately 50,585 lbs. of Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Grenache, Tempranillo, Barbara, Marsanne, Roussanne, Sangiovese and Syrah grapes were picked. That’s 35 tons! 10 tons were sold to  Birichino Winery, Mountain View Winery, and Caraccioli Winery. The rest will make its way into our estate grown Michaud Vineyard wine.


Upcoming events:


We will be planning a get together at the vineyard soon. Stay tuned for more details!




Michael Michaud

Owner and Wine Maker

Hike at Pinnacles with winemaker Michael Michaud and BBQ lunch at Michaud Vineyard, May 2017

Michaud Vineyard Spring 2017 wine club release party – beautiful day!

March 2017 News from Michaud Vineyard

News from the Vineyard!

Did you catch the article “The Hidden Treasures of Monterey” in Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Dec. 2016? Michaud Vineyard was highlighted, and we are proud to share some current wine reviews:

2014 Pinot Noir – 93 Points 2013 Pinot Noir – 93 Points
2013 Chardonnay – 92 Points 2010 Chardonnay – 92 Points
2014 Syrah – 91 Points 2015 Marsanne – 90 Points

The tasting room at Michaud Vineyard (in the Chalone AVA, next to the Pinnacles National Park), is open by appointment only, until completion. 95% of the remodel construction is complete. The last details of refinishing the floor, painting the interior and pouring a patio slab in the front are in the works. We are pleased with the down-home atmosphere, and rustic experience it will offer.

We have already had two special visitors. Julien Michaud, Director of Finance, Westin Maui (no relation!), and his parents from Savoie, France. Julien’s father, Pierre owns a restaurant and hotel in France, and plans to put Michaud Vineyard wines on his wine list offering.


(Aengus and Heather at the new tasting room.)

Aengus Wagner, Wine Director at Nepente in Big Sur, also visited our new tasting room. He has been a fan of Michaud Vineyard and Chalone wines for a long time.  Likewise, Nepente is one of Michael’s favorite spots in Big Sur. Look for us at the Big Sur Wine and Food Festival at Carmel-by-the-sea Nov. 2 – 4, 2017.

Looking for a wonderful afternoon outing? Chalone Vineyard’s tasting room is open again to the public. As many of you know, Michael was the winemaker and general manager at Chalone Vineyard 1979 – 1997. 1997 – present Michael has worked his own vineyard and label. Michael is back consulting at Chalone Vineyard, and working with their outstanding winemaker Gianni Abate.

Take a picnic with you and visit Chalone Vineyard and, down the street, Michaud Vineyard (be sure to call ahead for an appointment: 408-602-1960). It’s a breathtakenly beautiful area, and less than a 2 hour drive from the Bay Area.



Please Save-the-Date for our Wild Flower Walk and Picnic

at the Vineyard on Saturday,

May 20th, 11:00 am to 2:30 pm.

Details coming soon!


Michaud Vineyard

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Michael was featured in the latest edition of Wine Enthusiast magazine, December 2016

Michael was featured in the latest edition of Wine Enthusiast, December 2016. Here is an excerpt:

Wine & Ratings

The Hidden Treasures of Monterey

Get to know the winemakers and vineyards who are shaping the future of Arroyo Seco, Chalone and Carmel Valley in California’s Central Coast.

By Matt Kettmann


Rugged and Remote

Like the out-of-place volcanic spires of the nearby Pinnacles National Park that shoot toward the sky, the remote, rugged Chalone AVA is an anomaly. Despite scarce water, nearly impervious soil and treacherous chaparral all around, about 300 acres of vineyard survive against all odds. It also produces what just might be the most distinctive wines in California.

The region’s late pioneer, Dick Graff, built the Chalone brand into one of the first globally respected American wineries, thanks to success at the historic Judgment of Paris tasting in 1976. The region’s Pinot Noir and Chardonnay remain incredibly ageworthy and reflective of the terroir.

Today, the Chalone AVA is being discovered by a generation of winemakers that is finding success with more obscure varietal grapes like Mourvèdre. After years of relative isolation, due in part to Diageo’s hands-off ownership of the Chalone brand from 2004 until earlier this year, the public is being invited back, with tasting rooms slowly opening in the area.

“There’s a wild element to the wines up here,” says Michael Michaud, who worked with Graff in the 1970s.

Michaud bought his own property in the early 1980s to produce his namesake wines, which can now be tasted on site. He’s also back consulting with Chalone, a move made by Bill Foley when he bought the brand in January from Diageo.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

“The thing you’re fighting is tannin,” Michaud says. “There is so much sunlight that you get the flavors naturally, but you get tannins, too. The wines age beautifully.”



  • Michaud 2014 Pinot Noir (Chalone)
    Pressed cranberry, underripe raspberry and white pepper form the alluring aromatic base …
    93 Points Central Coast $40
  • Michaud 2013 Pinot Noir (Chalone)
    Dark hibiscus and pomegranate notes meet with black plum, hearty clove, allspice …
    93 Points Central Coast $40 Cellar Selection
  • Michaud 2013 Chardonnay (Chalone)
    Deep yellow in color, scents of chamomile, daffodil, yellow lilies, toasted Marcona …
    92 Points Central Coast $39
  • Michaud 2010 Chardonnay (Chalone)
    Fairly dark yellow in color, this slightly aged wine offers dried lemon …
    92 Points Central Coast $39
  • Michaud 2014 Syrah (Chalone)
    Baked blackberries, baking spice and a gingerbread touch make for a lavish …
    91 Points Central Coast $39
  • Michaud 2015 Marsanne (Chalone)
    Clean and light aromas of apples, sharp nectarine, yellow lilies and crushed …
    90 Points Central Coast $39
  • Michaud 2013 Marsanne (Chalone)
    Light honey and apple-syrup aromas meet with hints of marzipan and sweet …
    89 Points Central Coast $39